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SoleBeats Rules

We like to keep it copacetic here at SoleBeats! Here are a few rules that assist all who are using the Studio. What's more? This rule set helps all of our super star dancers get the most out of their lessons.

SoleBeats is a shared space. Students are expected to show respect to all who share this space. Please be quiet upon entering and leaving the Studios. Close the doors softly. If you are coming into the studios to stretch while a class is ongoing; come in quietly and stay to the side to stretch and warm up.

Classes sessions have been designed to run as parallel to School Holidays as possible. Please inform your teacher if you will be absent from class. Classes are viewed as lessons as well as practice for performances. We learn new things as a class and move forward as a class. If one or more students are absent or late, this will affect the entire class. If a student misses class it is their responsibility to connect with a fellow classmate and catch up on what was missed. *If student is late past 20 minutes they will be marked absent.*

Water Breaks are necessary and wonderful when you have been working hard in class. Please be sure to bring a water bottle to refill. If you have forgotten a water bottle and need to use a cup, please keep your initial cup for the duration of your class. This is environmentally conscious as well as upholds the shared policy for all tenants at Vitality. Please do not dilly dally at the water cooler. We want to take full advantage of class time! It is our time to learn fun new skills and tap into our creativity This is for us to be inspired and inspire others!

Dance is fun and we love having creative juices flowing! Like any other sport or extra curricular activity students are expected to come to class prepared. This entails: Hair must be pulled up and back off the face. No low hanging or bulky jewelery. Please use proper dance attire. Street wear is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Hip-hop may wear leggings or dance pants with a shirt or tank top, but PLEASE NO JEANS OR JEGGINGS. They can be hazardous in class. If you are coming right from school and do not have adequate time to return home first, please consider preparing a Dance Bag with all the essential gear inside: Elastics, Bobby Pins, a brush, Dance Clothes, Dance Shoes, pair of socks and some knee pads and anything else you think you might need for class.
For further more information on Class appropriate attire please refer to UNIFORM ETTIQUETE

Please make sure you are listening when you come to class. It's wonderful to be able to share these amazing moments with our friends, but PLEASE listen to your instructors and assistants. They are there to guide you and make sure all the amazing moves you are learning to do can happen safely and smoothly.

Phones, Ipods, Ipads and any other device that can record should be tucked away in your dance bag until the end of class. Usually I don't allow technology to be in the studio however, as recording the combo or dance at the end of the lesson really helps some students practice, recording will be permitted at the tail end of class for assistance with memorizing choreography only.