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Hello dancers and dance parents!
We would like to start this newsletter off by saying thank you for getting costume fees in the day they were due! This makes a world of difference for us in the long and trying process of making such a large order. We appreciate your patience in baring with us while going through this process, being in our first year we are very much in a learning curve and plan to go about this in a much more orderly and timely fashion. Balancing competition with work and our personal lives extended some due dates. We will be much better prepared for next year!

That being said, we want to extend a HUGE congratulations to our Company students, who all did absolutely amazing at all of their competitions.

We have just finished our last competiton of the year in Lethbridge at Fabulous Feet&39;s Dance Evolution! Company members received a High Silver for their Hip Hop Group Dance. Hope Williams and MaryMay Howse received 1 Gold and 1 High Silver for their duet 'Passion'. Salix Sibbeston and Ray Ogura received 2 High Silvers for their duet 'Shot Clock'. Marymay Howse received a High Silver for her Contemporary Solo, Salix Sibbeston received High Silver for her Contemporary Solo, and Ray Ogura received High Silver with an Outstanding Award and a $50 cash Scholarship for his Contemporary Solo. Well done, students! SoleBeats is so proud of you and we all enjoyed such a fun time, both in the studio training and on tour with you! It was an excellent first season and we are very excited for all of the new dance friends we have made at competition this year.

A reminder to SoleBeats students and parents that next year any student of any age range can audition for Company. No matter the age or level, we encourage students to try out as competitons are fun, inspiring, and educational to attend as a performer.

As you all know, RECITAL IS COMING UP FAST! We will be sending out a performance package in the following weeks that will go over hairstyles for each class/dance, a makeup (cheat) sheet, suggested items to have ready for dress rehearsals, performance days, and a list of rules for performance time. You all should have already received an email from us with the dates and times.
In case you missed it, we will be providing THREE SHOWS on the weekend, a matinee (morning) show and an evening show on the 15th (Saturday) and then just one show Sunday (the 16th). At the COMMUNITY CENTRE.

The 12th is Tech Rehearsal, and the 13th and 14th will be dress rehearsal days. The students MUST be present for each of these days to rehearse.

Times goes as follows:

JUNE 12TH (Wednesday) : 4PM to 7PM
JUNE 13TH (Thursday) : 4PM to 8PM
JUNE 14TH (Friday) : 4PM to 6PM
JUNE 15TH (Saturday) RECITAL : 12PM to 2:30PM AND 5PM to 7:30PM
JUNE 16TH (Sunday) RECITAL : 12PM to 2:30PM

The 12th - 14th the Community Centre is being used until 3PM by the Academy, so unfortunately we have to go a little later. We understand the younger students will be too tired past 6PM or it will be past their bed time so we are thinking rehearsing with the littles first each day is our best bet. Older students later on in the evening. PLEASE let us know if this works for you, or if there will be any conflicting scheduling happening so that we may try to come to a solution sooner rather than later.

Recital week is full of excitement, hard work, and joy. This is the time for SoleBeats students to shine; a year end show for every student to showcase what they have learned over this season as well as all the obstacles they have conquered through dance. We also are still looking for VOLUNTEERS to help out with recital. If you feel like you would like to be involved and be part of the backstage magic that happens, please email us! We would love to have you.

Do not hesitate to come to us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!