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   Exciting News! Auditions for SoleBeats 2019/2020 Company Team are coming up! This is an opportunity for your dancer to challenge her/himself , and make a personal commitment to their dance technique and performance. Auditions take place on Tuesday September 24th 6-7pm (for 12 and under) and Friday September 26th 6-7pm (for 13 and up). Our 12 and under dancers will learn a piece of choreography to be performed in front of SoleBeats' teachers. Our 13+ dancers must come with a piece of (short) choreography prepared to perform in front of SoleBeats' teachers, as well as learn a piece of choreography.

Joining our Company Team is a chance for your dancer to spend their time around other hard working, committed dancers who are successfully balancing school, homework, friends, and fun. Our Company Dancers work as a team and are an amazing foundation and springboard into your child's young adult life. We spend time talking about healthy self talk, friendships, good grades, focusing on the positive, teachers, school troubles, healthy relationships and where to put our energy, losing gracefully, WINNING gracefully, taking responsibility for ourselves and SO much more. Past experience's show that these dancers learn to understand the importance of time management and a VERY high percentage of our Company Dancers maintain fantastic marks in school.

The input, caring, and investment from SoleBeats' teachers is nearly endless. The time, work and energy put into these kids is what makes SoleBeats stand out. We hope that our dancers leave the studio as strong-willed, inclusive, well-rounded and successful people. We aim to give these dancers everything we can to help them keep growing into amazing young women and men, who can achieve ANYTHING they set their minds to. Our Company Program is very intimate, in comparison to large programs across North America, and this allows us to get to know our dancers and give them so much more than dance training.

Our goal is never going to be (To win every competition), but instead something that will last much longer. Something that will stay with our dancers for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to pass on a love of dance, hard work, balance, and self confidence. We have already achieved this with many of our dancers, and plan to keep doing so with every passing season. We hope that together we can foster this growth in your children as part of their SoleBeats experience.

Some of our Company Team members take a LOT of dance. We want to be clear that this is not a requirement! The kids that you see dancing 10+ hours/week are doing that because they LOVE it - the actual requirements are quite manageable.

Company Program Requirements:

1 weekly choreography class - we decide on the genre, based on the dancers that choose to take part. If your dancer is not keen to dance that specific genre that is A-OK! We can help them transition into another group piece OR focus on solos or duets. Possible genres we COULD compete in: HipHop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acro.
Dancers may take part in more than one piece of choreography - 1 hour will be added per additional dance
1 weekly class in the genre of your dancers performance piece(s).
1 weekly Stretch & Technique Class - it goes without saying, dancers need to constantly work on their flexibility!
Equals 3 hours/week.

Benefits and Commitment Expectations:

Our group choreography dancers will perform at 3 'away' locations. Dancers who are doing only Solos and Duets have the option of doing fewer or MORE events. Entry fees, costumes costs and travel accommodations will be the responsibility of the dancers family.

Dancers are expected to attend all of their classes every week, arrive on time to each class, and always do their best to make it in for any extra rehearsals (normally the last few weeks before a performance). Of course illness and family trips are always taken into consideration, but other than that, we expect your dancers 100% attendance. We have a three strike policy that we will review with our Company dancers and their parents.

Competition travel dates are scheduled early in the season, to hopefully not conflict with anyone's scheduling. We expect that you will do whatever you can in helping us to teach your dancer teamwork and commitment to their peers.

Competitions we plan to attend:

April 3-5 Kimberly, 'Kimberly Dance Works'.
April 16-19 Medicine Hat, 'Wanna Dance?'.
May 7-10 Lethbridge, 'Dance Evolution'

Dollars & Cents:

For many families it all comes down to the dollars and cents. Here is a basic breakdown of the costs involved in our Company Program:
Required Classes and fees:
1 weekly class in the genre of your child's performance piece = $432-$544 (depending on the class)
1 weekly Stretch & Technique class = $464
1 weekly Group Choreography class = $600
Total = $1496 - $1608 depending on which weekly class your dancer is taking.
Additional Solos and Duets:
Solos are $300 each. This includes 6 hours spent with your choreographer + a weekly 1/2 hour timeslot of 'studio rental' that each dancer is expected to come in on their own and work on their solo.
Duets are $210/dancer. This includes 9 hours spent with your choreographer + a weekly 1/2 hour timeslot of 'studio rental' that dancers are expected to come in and work on their duet together.
We are working to schedule all of our company choreography times during the week - NO WEEKEND SESSIONS. This ultimately depends on how many dancers choose to take part in our Company Program, but know that our goal is to eliminate weekend rehearsals altogether.

Your dancer's weekly or bi-weekly solo/duet schedule will be set forth monthly, with a good chance of it staying the same day and time all season long. Your dancers availability will, of course, be taken into consideration.

Miss Cat - Solo/Duet Choreography Options: Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Ballet.
Miss Cara - Solo/Duet Choreography Options: Jazz, Lyrcial, Tap, and Hip Hop.
Miss Mariah - Solo/Duet Choreography Options: Musical Theatre, Tap, Jazz.
Please email or stop in anytime before September 24/26 (or a little early, before auditions) with questions for Cat or Mariah about the Company Program. We look forward to chatting with you about it, and see it all roll out this season.

Looking forward to a great Company Dance Experience,